SidesWipe - Secure disk drive cleaning

DOD 5220.22M Compliant


Do you think that deleting a file from your hard drive makes the information, in that file, disappear?

Many people believe that emptying the Recycle Bin will cause the deleted information to disappear forever.  Unfortunately, that's

not true.  Many file-recovery programs and different forensic techniques exist that can recover information contained in deleted

files.  That means that those disk drives can still contain confidential or secret data which can be recovered.  The U.S. Department

of Defense has published their 5220.22M Standard for secure clearing of disk drives.  That is to say, taking all of the unallocated

space on a disk drive (not to include existing files) and render the contents of those unallocated areas safe from forensic

recovery techniques and insure that no confidential information, in deleted files, can ever be recovered.


SidesWipe is a simple and straightforward Windows utility that brings this capability to your desktop or server.

CLone Star Software provides this utility to you free of charge.  SidesWipe is distributed as FREEWARE, is full-function

and does not expire.  You can make and install as many copies of it as you like or need.  Of course, you may not resell it.

To download SidesWipe, click here.  SidesWipe is distributed in a .zip file format.  You will need to UnZip the downloaded

file and then run the setup.exe program contained in the .zip file.  (.zip file size: aprox. 4.2Mb)